An Intuitive Tarot Deck. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to cleanse and connect with the "Narayani - An Intuitive Tarot deck" ?

This deck can be energetically cleansed by Music, any song that you love, any song that takes you into a transcendent place, multiple shuffles, or any type of cleansing ritual which resonate with your INTUITION.

 One way to connect with this deck is by sleeping with it near you and letting your intuition guide you on when the deck is ready to be used. 

It is called “An Intuitive deck” because I want each one of you to tap into your highest potential, and see and interpret the cards in your own unique way. Awaken all the magic that which is YOU.!

Does the "Narayani - An Intuitive Tarot Deck" come with a meaning booklet?

Yes, the written draft is available with the purchase of the deck. 

The meanings of these cards focus majorly on the aspects of The Self.  If you feel uncomfortable starting on your own, feel free to use the provided interpretations as a starting point. !

This guide will assist you till you reach a point where you feel ready to give each card your INTUITIVE meaning. !! 

"Narayani - An Intuitive Tarot Deck" - Creation process.

This Tarot deck has been created with all the Intuitive Nudges, the insights from my guides/spirit team and god/source/universe. The images on each of these cards are clicked by me on various occasions throughout my journey of 22 years (1999 born)  as a soul in this physical vessel. 

This deck is named “Narayani” as it is one of my names apart from Nikita. It was said out loud by a holy soul who left their human vessel a little while after I was born.

When my parents went to give them the news of my birth, their immediate response was: “Narayani is here” (excited tone), and I found out about this in the midst of creating this deck, which ended up being the biggest sign for me in regards to naming this deck, “Narayani”.

I hope this deck brings you the clarity that you seek when you shuffle through these cards, I hope you feel vibration of love with which this deck has been created.

My creative addition to the "Narayani - An Intuitive Tarot deck" ? (Channeled Songs) 

The power of music is insurmountable. Use the Intention approach. Each time you listen to a certain song, add an affirmation/intention to it and FEEL it as you sing/hum the song. I have Intuitively channeled some songs in which you can put your intention(s) and/or affirmation(s). Shuffle the cards a little and spread them in front of you, Intuitively Pick a number from 1 - 5 and then turn the selected card over to see which song comes up.

Note: There are 10 cards with 05 songs in each and I have not numbered them on purpose. Feel free to add more songs from your music library that resonate with you and make you feel that it can assist you in your healing journey.

Personal Reading Update.

Check all services sections and you can Message me to book a personal reading.

Note: In regards to personal readings, I will not reach out to you personally and offer you reading, that is not how these readings work. If someone offers you anything under my name double, and triple-check that you are not being scammed. ! 


Important Note: Eventually when you come up with your own interpretations and meanings. I hold no blame for the jargon you use to describe and interpret the imagery and meanings of the Narayani Tarot Deck. It will be your subjective opinion and you will be held accountable for your choice of  words and interpretation. !

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