Hi, I am Nikita Kewalramani !! ☺️

An Intuitive Tarot Reader with a Bachelors In Psychology.

I had been asking myself one question for the most of my life. "What is my faith ?". After everything I had been through, holding onto hope felt impossible and that is when it became paramount to have an answer to this question. It started with Angel Numbers, Universal synchronicity, ending up watching Tarot Readings out of the blue.

I felt hollow, unaware of the trauma that was stored in every fragment of my body and soul. Self-love felt like an alien concept (well, aliens, we are going to need a whole other discussion for that). Anyways, as I started waking up to my divinity, I was convinced that I just CAN NOT meditate, I kept saying this to a close friend and all they had to say was, "Just try for me, for 10 minutes, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, leave it and I won't say anything". After trying out everything I had, I thought, they weren't wrong, why not give this a shot as well, there is no harm in trying.

My first meditation session and I am shocked, that's when I knew, this is becoming a thing for me. Slowly through meditation, I started working on myself and kept the search on in regards to finding my faith, and... it happened. One night I was purging a lot, like a lot and I discovered God.

The rest is history, if I keep typing, you would have more than a couple of paragraphs to read...

Cut to October 2021, The birth of -"Narayani - An Intuitive Tarot Deck"

I'll leave you with this,

"Don't ever call me lucky. I prayed, sacrificed, and worked hard for mine." - bossbabe.inc.