This applies to both, personal and general readings. 

Energy is fluid & time is an illusion. Whenever you’re guided to my readings, that’s when you’re supposed to receive the messages. All reading’s are general, they cannot and will not resonate with each & every one of you, take what does and leave what doesn’t. 

I am a messenger & I simply read the cards as guided by God/Source/ Universe & describe them based on current energies. 

I hold NO blame for the decisions that you make based on these readings. 

The outcome of your situation can & will change based on your steps & actions. I hope these readings serve you well & give you the clarity that you seek.

 Be advised that all tarot readings are for entertaining purposes ONLY.

 Take care and god bless your soul. ! 

Whenever you come across this reading. Do give it a listen as it might have some message for you. 

The specific title and mentioned time is to organize my content. 

All readings are timeless. 

Energy is fluid, time is an illusion.

 General Reading, 

Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t. 

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