Introduction to your Shadow Self

The Hidden Part of you. Your journey from Darkness to Light.

120 CAD

1500/- INR

Introduction to the Inner You

We will cover your life so far and your next action steps towards knowing yourself!

120 CAD.

1500/- INR

Topic of your choice, One-hour live Tarot Video Call session

We can talk and pull cards about whatever you want.

120 CAD

1750/- INR

Soul Purpose Tarot Reading and Channeled Guidance

Your Soul's Journey and why it chose this specific Human body experience.

120 CAD

1750/- INR

Past Life Reading

Brief Description:

We begin with finding out your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Ascendant/Rising sign (also known as the big three) you had in your previous life; your Core Energy in the physical body that it was in. After which, we go through each House (A total of 12 houses) of the entire zodiac wheel and see how the attributes of each house manifested in your previous life's reality.

All of this allows us to figure out your reason for reincarnation in your current life and the next steps for your physical body in this life.

350 CAD

2200/- INR

Tarot Booth

(Parties/Events/Gatherings/Cafes, etc...)

Charges will depend on your specific requirements.

280 CAD Per Hour

4500/- INR Per Hour

Learn Tarot (Unavailable until further notice)

"Narayani - An Intuitive Tarot Deck".

The course contains one on one sessions with me over the course of 8 weeks.

A Journey from "Who You Are ?" to "Your Inner Compass - The Most Accurate Map there is"

Our physical bodies are magic, our soul is eternal. Imagine allowing a tool to assist you in diving deeper into knowing yourself whilst also maintaining its simplicity of turning into a friend when the world & other humans seem too hard to deal with. !


what would that be like?

that is where, “Narayani, An Intuitive Tarot Deck” comes in.

This is my effort to provide YOU with a tool that assists you in your journey as a human on this planet.

Owning a “Tarot deck” is not an idea that is to be afraid of. In fact, this is the most beautiful present you can give yourself, and if you have made it till here, there’s a reason you have come across my work, this deck, and everything that is connected with it.

120 CAD Per hour

1555/- INR Per Hour